The Power of Anointed Words

The power of Anointed Words

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Civil war had broken out. A rebel had seized the palace and the harem. The king fled the capital city for the safety of a distant haven. King David ran for his life and took a small entourage of the most trusted friends and servants. The journey was treacherous and should he be overtaken before reaching safety the disastrous consequences were all but certain.

Meanwhile at the palace, David’s wicked son, Absalom, is advised by the wisest tactician in the realm. Ahithophel was the mastermind behind the successful coup that placed Absalom in power and put the mighty warrior, David on the run. Ahithophel suggested a strategy that would solidify his position as advisor to the new king and would squash the remote possibility of reconciliation between the rightful king and his rebellious son. The suggested plan appealed to Absalom’s carnal nature and he acted upon it. Absalom had a tent erected on the roof of the palace and in plain sight of the watching nation. One by one the women of David’s harem where escorted to Absalom’s tent for a time of sensual violation and carnal conquest. The die was cast. There can be no turning back now.

A Desire for Revenge

As Absalom revels in his conquest, Ahithophel contemplates the next move that will mean the end of David and the consolidation of Absalom’s power. It will also bring the sweet taste of revenge for King David’s seduction of Ahithophel’s granddaughter, Bath-Sheba. Ahithophel has long plotted the satisfaction of his desire for revenge.

The mod in David’s entourage is tense and sober. If the enemy overtakes them before they reach safety and have a chance to regroup, it will be the end. David encourages Hushai, his last advisor and trusted friend, to return and infiltrate the rebellion. Perhaps he will be able to defeat the wise counsel of Ahithophel. Hushai is David’s last chance to escape and complete the retreat to Mahanaim. Hushai reluctantly agrees and returns to Jerusalem as David prays for Jehovah to anoint Hushai and make his words seem like the voice of God to Absalom. David’s prayer was for God’s anointing on the words of Hushai.

Sometime later, back at the palace, Absalom seeks counsel from his wisest advisors. What should be the next move that will ensure the continued success of the rebellion and his reign? Ahithophel speaks first. His counsel is short and to the point. Absalom should take a small elite force, pursue and overtake David. In his current unprepared state, an elite force will make short work of the enemy and David and his allies and friends will be eliminated quickly. Ahithophel advises to pursue David immediately.

Now it is Hushai’s turn to give advice. The hurried unspoken prayers of Hushai for God’s anointing are added to David’s prayers and Hushai begins his greatest speech. In a speech sprinkled with references to David’s military prowess and with powerful word pictures Hushai begins. “David is as a bear robbed of her whelps”, on and on. David is a “man or war” and a “mighty man” those with him are “chafed in their minds” and they are “valiant men”. David is a military legend and his choice fighters are the best of the best.

Next came words that appeal to Absalom’s vanity. Wouldn’t it be more glorious for you to march in front of a mighty army, “that is by the sea for multitude”. When you find David, you will “light upon him as the dew falls on the ground.” Wherever David is found, “all Israel [will] bring ropes to that city and draw it into the river, until there be not one small stone found there.” Hushai advises to delay pursuit and gather a large army first. The anointing of the Lord was upon the lips of Hushai as his arguments and reasoning smote the heart and captured the imagination of Absalom. After Hushai’s speech, Absalom stood to his feet and declared that the counsel of Hushai was even better than that of Ahithophel.

The Rebellion is Defeated

Ahithophel realized that following Hushai’s counsel would spell the defeat of the rebellion. To delay pursuing David was a strategic error of disastrous proportions. He left the meeting with Absalom and immediately put his house in order and took his own life.

David reached Mahanaim and regrouped. A battle did indeed ensue and Absalom was killed and his forces routed. The rightful king was returned to power and David’s reign in Jerusalem endured. The offspring of David, Jesus Christ would come and God’s plan for the redemption of mankind would be fulfilled.

The Power of Words

This story serves to illustrate the power of anointed words to change history and benefit God’s kingdom. Anointed rhetoric is God’s tool to promote His plan and defeat the wicked. In fact, anointed preaching can become the voice of God to confuse the enemy and encourage the righteous. If you have a heart for God’s cause, and are willing to ask for His help, you can speak as the voice of God to your situation. For those who desire to be used in this way, I offer a few words of encouragement.

First, ask for God’s help. Pause for prayer. To speak for God requires first speaking to God. To communicate His will, one must be acquainted with His will. One must also be willing to allow God to choose the direction the discussion takes.

Next, spend time preparing the words that express the ideas. Anointed speaking or writing is not always a stream of consciousness “flow” that simply happens. It often requires much thought and planning. The same God who anoints the thought also wants to anoint the words that express the thought. Why ask for only one part of the anointing package? If God can anoint a thought that comes to me in my study, He can also anoint the formulation of the words to express this thought as well. I have found that I get what I ask for.

Also, anointed rhetoric doesn’t have to sound like a presenter reading the 6 o’clock news from a teleprompter. Neither must it sound like an out of breath man fleeing a burning building. If God anointed the thought and the words used to deliver the thought, He can also anoint the human that is telling the story.

Did you notice the word pictures Hushai used to deliver the anointed message? A bear deprived of her cubs, an army as large as the sea, bringing ropes and pulling every stone of a city to the sea. Word pictures are a powerful way to communicate thoughts. Jesus used word pictures in His teaching almost habitually. So, go ahead … swing a dead cat around a time or two in your rhetoric. I know that this might just rip the rag right off the bush for some folks, but the cat is already dead and swinging it around to reinforce your point won’t hurt anything.

Finally, if you are a writer, find and use a good editor. Your editor should be someone competent that you trust and who is not adversarial to your message. It goes without saying that your editor must be someone who loves words and realizes their power. Few things are more beneficial to a writer and good writing than a sensitive editor.

The power of anointed words is the power of God to change men and women’s hearts. When anointed words focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the hearer responds in a positive way, salvation is the result.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” Rom 1:16

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